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Karlsruhe 11. April 2016 Mach Deinen Nutzer happy! (Vortrag andrena OBJECTS), Technologiepark
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Stuttgart 31. Mai 2016 Mobile UX Prinzipien für eine bessere App experience, Mobile Forum Stuttgart

Stuttgart 14. - 15. Juni 2016 Intensivseminar Usability Engineering. Nutzerzentrierte Software-Entwicklung


User centered design. UX. Context driven analysis and design. Requirements analysis. User research. Personas. Stories. Prototypes. Design. Usability Testing.

Lean. Agile.

Training and consulting.

Reviews. Workshops. Trainings. Lectures.
Conferences. World Usability Day Stuttgart (board member and presenter). Professor. Speaker. DIN Expert.

Feedback - consulting - let's talk and work together...

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What else?

Mobile. Apps. Cultural issues. Internationalisation.

Global minded. Local awareness.

... because one GUI doesn't fit all